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Foli Mats / mixed set of 4

Foli Mats / mixed set of 4

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Includes: Holder, Keyring and Waterproof Sticker.

Made in: The UK

Material: PLA filament / plant-based / 100% recyclable / eco-friendly / biodegradable 

Dimensions: 110 x 5.5 mm / W x H of single mat

Method: FDM – Fused Deposition Modeling / 3D printing

Care: To clean - wipe with a wet cloth and do not place in the dishwasher. There may be some small irregularities in the print such as blemishes and layer marks as not all 3D prints are 100% the same. Keep away from fire. 

Shipping: Please allow up to 2 weeks dispatch time for UK & international orders. Make sure to contact us if your purchase has not been delivered in the correct timescale.

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