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Shroom Pot / Lemon

Shroom Pot / Lemon

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Includes: Free keyring. 

Made in: The UK

Material: PLA filament / plant-based / 100% recyclable / eco-friendly / biodegradable 

Dimensions: Stem - 105 x 120 mm / Head - 140 x 90 mm

Pot opening:  Diameter - 60mm / Depth - 115 mm

Method: FDM – Fused Deposition Modeling / 3D printing

Care: Clean with a wet cloth, do not place in the dishwasher. Product is not watertight & does not come with a drainage hole. There may be some small irregularities in the print such as blemishes and layer marks as not all 3D prints are 100% the same. Do not keep exposed to direct sunlight. 

Shipping: Please allow up to 2 weeks dispatch time for UK & international orders. Make sure to contact us if your purchase has not been delivered in the correct timescale.

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